Redbook green®

Redbook green® is carpet that makes the world of difference, manufactured using Sorona® polymer, made from 37% natural corn sugar.

Stubborn household spills sit on the outside of the fibre, so that you can remove them quickly and easily with just H2Only. No chemicals, no fuss. Just cold water to remove stains like red wine and cordial.

The technology behind this revolution is thanks to Redbook Green triexta fibres, which are totally impervious to liquids. This means that once dyed, Redbook Green carpet has no surface bonding sites for permanent stains and that spills simply coat the surface until they are removed with water. Unlike other carpets, where the topical stain treatment can wear off over time, Redbook green can be cleaned with H2Only for the life of the carpet.

Now, stain resistance and environmental credentials are great, but it wouldn’t be a Redbook carpet unless it was beautifully soft. So we added Ultra Soft technology, where more fibres are added to every filament for a soft finish. Kick back, relax and sink your toes into an Ultra Soft Redbook green carpet and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

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